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MoBiDiv aims to produce and disseminate knowledge to boost breeding for within-field cultivated biodiversity as a major driver towards a pesticide-free agriculture.

MoBiDiv focusses on crop and variety mixtures, as they provide unique within-field regulations of bio-aggressors by various but not fully understood mechanisms of complex plant-plant interactions. Breeding for improved mixtures implies a disruptive shift in the breeding concepts, evaluation methods and seed sector organisation.

MoBiDiv is an interdisciplinary and multi-actor project, involving 20 French research teams and launch in January 2021 for a 6 years duration. Cutting-edge research in genetics, agronomy, pathology, weed science, ecology, microbiology and economics is combined to participatory approaches, in order to breed, co-design and evaluate crop and variety mixtures with stakeholders. Studying wheat, pea and fodder species, MoBiDiv is exploring the changes of the socio-economic system needed to support the promotion of diversifying agro-ecosystems.

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